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About me

The title of this blog explains me very well!  I’m a geek about bodies!  Bodywork, Nutrition, and Health Research is my second career.  My first was working in computer technology as a programmer, project manager, consultant, data architect and manager.  In 2004 I developed an autoimmune disease called Graves Disease and nearly went blind after surgery that removed my thyroid.  I had double vision, very poor night vision, color blindness (not all colors thankfully), and worst of all, I couldn’t read for almost 2 years.

Fighting back depression, fear, and pity, I asked myself “What can I do if I go blind?”.  Then I thought about a blind woman from Romania who was a great massage therapist.  Why not? So, I went to massage school.  Lacking good eyesight, my other senses took over.  Massage school gave me a foundation in Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutrition.  My research built on that foundation as I searched for answers:  “Why did I get sick?”, and “What could I do to get better?”

Videos, audios, and books helped, but the newest info is on the internet.  One of my docs asked “How can you believe what’s on the internet?”  Ironically, it’s a fact that the world wide web has ample misinformation, lies, and evil.  My goal was to sift out the chaff, which took time, experimentation, and persistence.

I promised myself that I would start a blog someday, so that I could simplify and document all that I have learned and will learn in the future.  The perfectionist inside of me almost stalled the process, a.k.a. writer’s block.  How should I organize and explain all the stuff that is stuck inside my brain?  You can watch me figure it out if you subscribe to my blog!

Beyond this blog, I continue to help my clients with my bodywork and nutrition practice.  You can read about my process, education, testimonials, case studies and more at my website.

Thanks for reading!