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Why study Nutrition? And, why stomach acid is good for you!

In case you missed my top 10 resolutions, I wouldn’t change a word. My own health recovery has been due to changing my diet, and I’m willing to bet that the reasons I became sick in the first place are due to nutritional deficiencies that progressed over years. In fact, I believe that the reason nutrition is ignored by medical schools is that it takes too long. People want instant results – just take this pill and your symptoms go away.

So back to my “Why?”. Those who know me know that answering “Why?” has been the motivation for all of my studies. I’ve enjoyed my studies and practice of Visceral and Neural Manipulation as taught by the Barral Institute. To be fair, they don’t teach nutrition either. They teach manual therapies that solve physical problems and most of the time the results are amazing! I spent 5 years taking 2-4 classes a year, plus 8 days of dissection (pictures aren’t as good as the real thing).

Here’s the problem: “Acid reflux”, aka “GERD”, aka “Heartburn” cannot be solved by manual therapy when the client is taking the purple pill. If the problem was the cardiac sphincter, aka lower esophageal valve, (the valve between the esophagus and the stomach), then fine. I have the techniques to help. If my client was popping the purple pill, tums, and/or sodium bicarbonate, nothing I did would make a difference. I wanted to learn “why”.

This is what I learned: Acid Reflux is due to LOW STOMACH ACID. YES. REALLY!

When the pH of the gastric juice in your stomach is not in the range of 1.5 pH to 3.0 pH, then food cannot break down completely. (Acid is less than 7, alkaline is greater than 7.) Bits of food will just sit there in the your stomach waiting… After a while, the carbs ferment, proteins putrefy and fats go rancid! It’s a very nasty brew!  Suddenly you feel that icky taste in your mouth, or worse, irruption! That is reflux! Since it tastes like acid, we assume we have too much stomach acid. And those lovely TV commercials and drug company salespeople reinforce the acid story. It’s big business to label a symptom a disease so they can have a drug to treat it. They didn’t say cure it.  These drugs will eventually harm us by causing many deficiencies.

And on the topic of deficiencies, a very big one is Vitamin B12.  Acid separates B12 from protein.  You need acid to break down proteins into Amino Acids, which are the building blocks in our bodies.  This topic is a big one, so I’ll take it up in another blog.  In the meantime please check out the book and YouTube video : “Why Stomach Acid is good for you” by Jonathan Wright.

My “Why”, is to help my clients feel better. It’s like being a detective, and solving the case is the goal and my reward.


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