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Nutrition School Graduate!!!

Yippee! I just graduated as a Nutrition Therapy Consultant (NTC) from Nutrition Therapy Association. This course took a whopping 8 months of intense study. They say it takes 15-20 hours per week, but that is an understatement. Granted, some weeks we didn’t have to read a book, but to get the most from this class, I wanted to know everything – The story of my life.

As usual, I am already enrolled in the newly minted Denver NTP (Practitioner) program for two really good reasons. 1. The workshops are in Denver, just down the street from my office – so no travel expenses. 2. I wanted to learn the Functional Evaluations (physical tests that help identify a person’s priorities) and Lingual Neural Testing (testing that identifies nutritional deficiencies).

The downside is that it will take until June, 2016, cost an extra $1000, and go through the entire program again. Ok, it’s a good review. I won’t have to reread the books, write new book reports, essays, etc. But I will have to do another Community Outreach Program, 4 client folders, take the midterm and final exams, and attend 3 workshops. The workshops are really the point of doing this so not a big deal, and I really enjoyed doing my talk on Thyroid, Adrenals and Digestion (you can watch it on YouTube). I have a long list of topics to choose from. Our workshops are December, March and June. Please subscribe to my blog to get notification of my upcoming talk.


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