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Top 10 Health Resolutions – part 1

It’s tough to pick just 10 things to do to get healthy, but I have to start somewhere! I need a drum roll like on David Letterman’s show 🙂

Number 10

Get to bed earlier and sleep 8-9 hours.  Go to sleep when it’s dark, rise with the roosters!  Why?  To help normalize cortisol levels.  Cortisol should be highest in the morning and lowest in the evening.  Cortisol is made by the Adrenal Glands.  These tiny glands sit above the kidneys, encased in the same protective fat as the kidneys.  Cholesterol is the raw material that the Adrenals need to make hormones, including stress hormones like cortisol and adrenalin. Some of the tell tale signs of adrenal issues: insomnia, fatigue, anxiety, depression, feeling “stressed out”, brain fog, weight gain, and heart palpitations. I’ll expand upon this topic in the future.

Number 9

Lab tests worth taking and often ignored:  Vitamins B12, Folate, and D3, Thyroid (FT3, FT4, TSH), Iron panel (Ferritin, TIBC, UIBC, Serum, Saturation), Iodine + Fluoride/Bromide toxicity (24 hr urine test) and Adrenals (24 hr Saliva Test).  I’ll cover why and how to get these tests soon.

Number 8

Purge the pantry of processed foods.  I began this process back in 2006.  What are processed foods?  For the most part, it’s anything in a can, jar, bottle, or package.  Read the labels.  If you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it.  Notice that I’m not saying to throw it away in this economy, but just don’t buy it again.  Anything with GMO, just say no!  Get the GMO list and take it to the store.  They even have an App for it. 🙂

Number 7

Stop drinking tap water.  In most cities they put fluoride in the water.  You may think it’s good for your teeth, like I did until a few years ago.  But, nope.  Ask yourself how long the fluoride stays in your mouth? Less than 1 second, right?  Instead, it goes down stream polluting our bodies (very bad for kidneys) and what isn’t expelled is stored in our bones.  It also suppresses thyroid function (my pet project).  Studies show it causes bone cancer, osteoporosis, fluorosis, and lowers IQ.

Is the fluoride in our water pharmaceutical grade as most dentists, doctors, and the average mom thinks?  Nope.  It’s tank trucks full of hazardous waste, off-gas from phosphate fertilizer industry.  If they didn’t put it in our water, they would have to dispose of it in a hazardous waste dump.  Oh, except for the fluoride that comes from China imported by a Denver company and supplying it to Aspen. Fluoride in air pollution is killing people and animals.

It’s hard to get away from fluoride in processed foods.  The highest amounts are in soups, canned fish/seafood, beverages (beer, soda, juice, wine, tea) , pesticides, anaesthestic drugs (going “under” for surgery), processed cereals, and, of course, toothpaste.  Yikes!  You can tell this is a big issue for me.

Number 6

Stop drinking bottled juice and soda.  Stop eating refined flour and sugar.

Besides the evil fluoride (number 7), there’s way too much sugar.  And diet soda is worse!  Artificial sugars are neurotoxins, that is toxic to the brain.  They fatten you because you don’t feel satisfied and eat more.  And many sodas and even juices contain methyl bromide (PBDE), another evil additive.  Are you beginning to feel like you can’t get away from toxins?  Me too!  Bromide (and Fluoride) block iodine receptors and could very well be a root cause of all the thyroid issues we are facing.  Even small amounts are toxic and will kill.  Bromide causes kidney cancer, deafness, and mental disorders.  The only people doing studies on this are 3 doctors: Dr David Brownstein, Dr. Jorge Flechas, and especially Dr. Guy E. Abraham.

Bromine is added to baked goods as a dough conditioner.  Back in the old days, prior to the 80’s they used Iodine as a dough conditioner.  I guess they thought bromide was safer – idiots!  Bromine, bromate, brominated, bromide, methyl bromide…you get the picture…  are added to pesticides, fire retardants (mattresses, car interiors, carpeting, furniture, pajamas), hot tub cleansers, asthma inhalers and prescription drugs, bread, mouthwash, toothpaste, gargles, permanent waves, hair dye (yikes!), textile dyes, and some bottled waters.  Did I mention soda???

—continued in the next post …

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