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To Blog or not to Blog…

To blog, or not to blog…  The question is “Are you sick of spam?”  I am.

If you subscribe to my blog, I promise not to spam you, but to educate, inspire, and entertain to the best of my ability. My sense of humor is a bit dry, not the laugh out loud, or “punny” kind, but mostly contextual humor – just like my dad.  He “wise-cracked” with a straight face!  I’ll have to add 🙂 just so you know I’m attempting humor 🙂

If you wonder where the term “spam” came from, it goes way back.  I’d forgotten until I started poking around  and ran into a talk about the history of spam.  The speaker shows a video from Monty Python days that you might remember if you’re old enough.

But, I digress…  As many of you already know, I’m a geek about health, wellness, nutrition, essential oils, bodywork, and more…  Up until now, I could keep all the research in my head, but frankly, it’s too much to remember.  This blog will help me organize my research, important links, articles, and give a more efficient way to communicate to my family, friends, and clients.

I already have a long list of topics, especially now that I have graduated from the Nutrition Therapy Association, so we’ll see how quickly I can crank them out.  If you have any questions or suggestions for blog topics, please send me an email via the Contact me form.

Don’t be surprised if the visual format changes.  I’m still playing around with WordPress themes, plug-ins and widgets!  I will try not to be a WordPress geek, but you never can tell.  🙂

Thanks for reading and hopefully subscribing!



Author: Sherry

Former IT geek who became a "body geek" in self-defense.

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